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It is your responsibility to ensure that your address details are correct.


You may find the answer to your enquiry on our frequently asked questions web page.

Change your address

View and change addresses that the University has recorded for you

Change Your Name

Notify us as soon as your name changes or you notice that the name on your student record is incorrect.

Correspondence Address

"A correspondence address takes precedence over all other types of addresses."

Attendance Monitoring

It is important that you attend regularly all the lectures, tutorials, laboratory sessions etc


Undergraduates can use HEAR as evidence of the knowledge and experience gained at Sheffield


ShARe is a secure online system we are using to issue official documents to students in an electronic format.

Delegated Signatory Authority

We are able to confirms your record using delegated authority from the University Secretary.

Email SSiD

If you can not find the answer to your question on these web pages and can not visit SSiD you can email us with your enquiry.