Student Attendance Monitoring

This page outlines the Student Attendance Monitoring Policy for home and international students, how to apply for short or long-term absences and the support services available to students struggling to attend their course.

About Attendance Monitoring

Your department is required to monitor your attendance throughout your studies to ensure you are engaging with your course and identify when you are struggling, so you have access to the right support.

Lack of attendance over a long period of time can lead to formal action by your department and in some cases, withdrawal from the University.

For information on how your individual department carries out attendance monitoring, please refer to your departmental Student Handbook.

Student support and absences

If you are struggling to attend University for whatever reason, the University Counselling Service and the University Health Service can provide you with the necessary support and assistance to help you through it.

You can also book an appointment with the Student Access to Mental Health Support service (SAHMS) who will work with you to create a dedicated support plan.

Alternatively, you can speak to your Personal Tutor who will discuss your options with you.

Short-term absence

If you wish to take an absence of seven days or less, you must complete a Self-Certification Form and return it to your department. This is available via the link below.

Leave of absence or withdrawal

If you wish to take a longer period of absence to help you cope with your personal circumstances, you can apply for a Leave of Absence. You should discuss this with your department before applying.

If you wish to withdraw from University altogether or transfer to another institution, you must discuss this with your department before submitting your withdrawal.

Changing your course

Where you are experiencing problems and wish to change your current course, please speak to your Personal Tutor in the first instance. The page below outlines the process for changing your course.

International students

If you are on a Tier 4 Student Visa, you are required to be in regular attendance on your course and inform your department of any short or long-term absences.

Where your attendance is not satisfactory, the University can withdraw the sponsorship of your visa.

Please visit the page below for more information on your Tier 4 visa responsibilities.

If you wish to take a Leave of Absence, withdraw from your studies or change your course, please visit the relevant page below for immigration information and how to apply.

Study Abroad students

You must report to SSiD with your UCard for Attendance Monitoring on the 1st and 15th of every month (or as near as possible).

Erasmus Students

Your host department will monitor your attendance. You do not need to report to SSiD.

Professional courses

Your attendance is taken into account when awarding your professional accreditation.