Student Attendance Monitoring

Additional Requirements for Study Abroad Students

As a student, it is most important that you attend regularly all the lectures, tutorials, laboratory sessions etc. that are listed in your timetable or that are communicated to you as the semester proceeds. It is only by attending all of the scheduled sessions that you will be able to learn effectively, and it is for this reason that University Regulations require students "to attend throughout each semester, including the full examination period. This means turning up on time to all designated teaching sessions, tutorials, laboratory sessions and all assessment".

To help you ensure that you make full use of the learning opportunities that are available, your department will be monitoring the attendance of students studying on programmes of study and modules offered by the department. Departments will be monitoring attendance for a range of different contact points or interactions, for students who are studying on campus and for students who are studying or working away from Sheffield as part of their degree studies. In addition to the attendance monitoring, the University requires departments to confirm at two checkpoints (at least) during the year, i.e. at the end of each of the Autumn and Spring semesters, that all students are fully "engaged" with their programme of study. Departments will review the attendance data they have collected, as well as using other indicators such as whether students have completed assessment and examinations, in order to take a view on students' engagement with studies. The attendance monitoring and checkpoint recording will be carried out using systems that have been developed by the University specifically to help departments identify and support students who are having difficulty with their study programme. Information about how individual departments will carry out attendance monitoring and how they will use this information, will normally be included in departmental Student Handbooks.

More information about your commitments as a student is available from SSiD.

Additional Requirements for Study Abroad Students

Universities are required by the UK government to report any student on a Tier 4 visa who does not engage and is consequently withdrawn from their academic programme.

  • Study Abroad students are required to report to SSiD for Attendance Monitoring on the 1st and 15th every month (or as close as possible to these dates).
  • Erasmus students will be monitored by their host department, and so are not required to visit SSiD for attendance monitoring.

It is very important that you familiarise yourself with your immigration responsibilities when in the UK. Information about your duties and those of the University can be found here: