Student Attendance Monitoring

The Student Attendance Monitoring policy applies to all students across the University.

  • It is important that students attend throughout each semester, including the examination period. This includes all teaching sessions, tutorials, laboratory sessions and assessment.
  • Departments are required to monitor the attendance of students studying on their programmes of study/or modules offered by the department. The Student Attendance Monitoring process works as follows:
    • Attendance Monitoring – Departments will monitor attendance for a range of different contact points or interactions, e.g. Lectures, supervisory meetings, examinations, submission of assessed work etc.
    • Review of student attendance to assess engagement - Departments review on a regular basis the student attendance data they have collected and identify and support students who are having difficulty with their studies.
    • Reporting on student engagement at checkpoints – Departments are required to report centrally to professional services, Student Administration Services (UG/PGT students) or Research and Innovation Services (PGR students), at specific intervals in the Academic Year whether or not a student is engaging with their studies.
  • Professional Services will review the checkpoint data and take follow up action in cases where lack of engagement or non-engagement has been reported by the department, e.g. referral to support services, formal action by the department/Faculty, deem withdrawal proceedings, reporting to UKVI for non-engagement (Tier 4 overseas students only).

Information about how individual departments will carry out attendance monitoring and how they use this information is normally included in departmental Student Handbooks.

Additional Requirements for Study Abroad Students

  • Study Abroad students are required to report to SSiD for Attendance Monitoring on the 1st and 15th of every month (or as close as possible to these dates) to swipe their uCard.
  • Study Abroad students who hold a Tier 4 visa and do not engage with their studies (including reporting to SSiD) may be withdrawn from the University and reported to UKVI. It is very important to familiarise yourself with your immigration responsibilities when in the UK. Information about your duties and those of the University can be found here:
  • Erasmus students will be monitored by their host department, and so are not required to visit SSiD for attendance monitoring.