Change Your Address

How to view and change your home, correspondence and term address on your student record.

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How to view/change your address

  1. Login to MUSE.
  2. Select 'My services' at the top of the page.
  3. Select 'View all services' to view the A to Z list. 
  4. Under M, select 'My record'.

In 'My record', you can view and update your term, home and correspondence address. 

If you're registered with the University Health Service you must also inform them of your address change via the form below.

Inform the University Health Service

Term address

This is where you live whilst attending University. 

  • e.g. your halls of residence/student house

You must provide a start and end date for this address. 

Home address

This is where you live during the holidays, when you are not attending University. 

  • e.g. your parent/guardian's address

Correspondence address

This is a temporary address where we will send all University letters.

  • e.g. if you are temporarily staying somewhere during holiday periods that is not your home or term address

You must provide a start and end date for this address. 

Where we send your letters

If you have provided a correspondence address, we will send all letters here during and outside of term-time within the dates you have specified. 

During term-time, we will send letters to you at the term address you provided.

Outside of term-time, we will send letters to you at the home address you provided.

Notes for international students

Inform the police

If you are required to register with the police, you must book an appointment to inform them of your change in details. You must bring your:

  • CAS
  • Passport
  • BRP card
  • Accommodation contract

Update your address with the police

Please visit the page below for further information on police registration.

Inform UKVI

You must also inform UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) of your change in details. 

  • e.g. if you moved after submitting your last visa application; or
  • you previously provided a temporary address

Update your address with UKVI

Why do I need to update my address?

If the address on your student record is incorrect, we will be unable to send you important correspondence, such as:

  • Notifications of lost property 
  • Documents you have registered
  • Information relating to your course

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