Change Your Name

How to view and change your name on your student record.


It's your responsibility to make sure your name is correctly recorded by the University.

If you wish to change your name as a result of a change of gender, please follow the information on the page below.

How to view your name

  1. Login to MUSE.
  2. Select 'My services' at the top of the page.
  3. Select 'View all services' to view the A to Z list.
  4. Under M, select 'My record'.
  5. Select 'Personal details' to view your name.

How to change your name

1. Email the following to

  • Date of birth
  • Title of your course
  • Registration number

2. Attach a colour scan of the documentation proving your name change.

Acceptable documents include: 

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Deed poll/change of name deed
  • Marriage certificate/civil marriage certificate 
  • Decree absolute/end of civil partnership documentation

3. We'll inform you via email when we've updated your student record.

4. Inform the University Health Service (UHS).

If you're registered with UHS, you must also inform them of your name change by contacting reception on 0114 2222 100.

Things you can't change:

  • You can't change the order of your forename, middle name and surname. Your student record must match the order of your name as it is written on your identification document.
  • You can't change back to your original name after it's been changed on your student record, unless you have made a subsequent change by deed poll/change of name deed.

Registering for graduation

If the name on your online registration form for graduation is incorrect, do not register for graduation until you have corrected it.

This name is taken from your student record and will be printed on your official degree certificate. 

After your degree has been awarded

We can't change the name on your student record or other University documents once your degree has been awarded, unless it's related to a change of gender

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Transcripts of qualifications
  • Copies of your degree certificate
  • Letters confirming degree/attendance

The details on your record and University documents are official, definitive statements of fact at the date of your award.