Check Your Record

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your address details are correct.
  • The University may need to contact you with important information at short notice.

You can check and change your details via MUSE

  1. Log onto MUSE and select the ‘My Services’ link (top of page)
  2. Select the ‘View all services’ link to view the A to Z list.
  3. Scroll down to M and select the ‘My record’ link.

You are able to view / check:

  • Personal details: Your full name, Registration Number, Student Support Number, Date and Country of Birth, Next of Kin etc.
  • Course information: Programme of study, Registration Status, Expected completion Date and Unit Choices

You are able to change:

  • Your address (home, term and correspondence)
  • Your home telephone number.
  • Your Mobile Phone number
  • Your Email address

The Importance of keeping your details up to date

When you first registered at the University you provided your home and term time addresses. This information is now stored on your student record and is used to send you important information including:

  • letters sent to you during the summer vacation relating to your next year of study
  • letters and other correspondence from your academic department
  • letters and other correspondence from administrative departments like Student Services, CiCS, the Library, the Careers Service, etc.
  • forms relating to your module choice for the next year
  • documents or forms you may have requested form the University
  • notification of lost property e.g. Ucards, passports, driving licences, etc.
  • contacting you about other important matters

So, you can see that, it is important that we hold the correct information about your address, and it is your responsibility to make sure your details are correct.