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General Information

What is ShARe?

ShARe is a secure online system that the University of Sheffield is now using to issue official documents to students in an electronic format.

The system was built by Digitary, which is used by over 35 of the world’s leading educational institutions to issue transcripts and other official academic documents to their students and graduates online. Thousands of employers, education providers and government agencies around the world trust Digitary, and use it to access verified student information directly. Digitary facilitates international connectivity between institutions, and our use of this system enables University of Sheffield students to benefit from this, including the ability to integrate directly with large organisations such as World Education Services and Educational Perspectives.

Students can access ShARe both before and after they have left the University. The service allows students to:

  • Access their electronic University documents online at any time
  • Share their documents with other people of their choice, e.g. employers, Postgraduate Admissions tutors, recruitment agencies
  • Download/print copies of their electronic University documents

The system uses highly secure technologies and is much more secure than traditional paper verification methods. Find out more about its security by visiting the website of the system developer, Digitary.

What official documents does the University issue via ShARe?

The University uses ShARe to issue the following documents:

The University plans to issue more documents via ShARe in the future.

If you have any queries about the ShARe system, please email

Information for Students

When will I be issued with a HEAR via ShARe?

Visit the How can I access it? page of the student HEAR website to find out when you will be issued with HEARs via ShARe.

When will I be issued with a Transcript via ShARe?

If you are a Postgraduate Taught student you will receive a Transcript at the end of your final year. If you have not completed your studies by this point, your Transcript will be updated again when you finish your course.

If you are a visiting Erasmus or Study Abroad student you will receive a Transcript via ShARe once you have completed your studies.

See the guidance materials in the boxes to the right for more information.

How do I know when my Transcript/updated HEAR has been issued?

You will receive an email from the ShARe system telling you that your document is ready, and giving you a link to click on to access and view your document. The email will come from the email address ''.

How do I log in to ShARe?

To log in to ShARe you will need to enter the following details:

  • User ID – your HUSID (HESA Unique Student ID) Number
  • Password – your University Registration Number


When you first log in you must:

  • Change your password to something more personal than your Registration Number.
  • Change your email to an email you will continue to use after graduation.

How do I find out my HUSID and my Registration Number?

You will find both numbers in the Personal Details section of myRecord (log in to MUSE and go to My Services > myRecord > Personal Details).

If you are an undergraduate student who has a HEAR, you can also find both numbers In Section 1 of your Internal HEAR (log in to MUSE and go to My services > View all services > HEAR).

Let us know what you think about ShARe!

Tell us about your experience of accessing and using your HEAR via the ShARe system by completing a short feedback form.

What if I need an official paper copy of a document?

We do not expect that you'll need an official paper version of documents issued via ShARe. The ShARe system lets you share your documents with others in an electronic format. It also allows you to print a copy of your documents.

However, should you require an official paper copy of a document for exceptional circumstances (e.g. regulatory purposes), you can order one via SSiD.

Prices for Official Paper Documents

  • Higher Education Achievement Report: £7 including postage
  • Transcript
Information for Third Parties

Students can give you permission to access official University of Sheffield documents that have been issued via ShARe, by naming you as a third party who is authorised to view their documents.

If a student grants you access to view a document, you will be sent an email by the ShARe system ('' will be the sender), explaining which student has granted you access and providing you with a direct link to the document. N.B. Students do not have access to the content of their documents and so cannot modify them in any way. They can only view their documents and invite others to view them too.

If you have not accessed documents via the ShARe system before, you will be asked to create an account with the system. You will then be able to view and print copies of documents that have been shared with you via your ShARe account.

You can log in in to your ShARe account at any time.

If you are unsure about the legitimacy of the website hosting an electronic document, please note that the University of Sheffield only issues electronic documents via

To find out more about the system, visit the Help Guide, or download our ShARe information sheet.