Fire Safety

At Home

There are some simple things you can do to stop a fire from starting.

  • Do not leave the kitchen when you are cooking.
  • Do not put candles near anything that could catch fire, like curtains or sofas.
  • You should make a safety plan to make sure that you can get out of your home if there is a fire.

What to do if a fire starts

  • Try to keep calm and get out as quickly as you can – do not stop to collect things. If there is smoke, keep low where the air is clearer.
  • If you can't get out and you are on the ground or first floor, drop some cushions, pillows or blankets out of the window to land on and carefully lower yourself.
  • If you cannot get out of any doors or windows, go into a room where there is no fire. Shut the door. Put a towel, blanket or clothing at the bottom of the door to stop smoke coming in.
  • Telephone 999

At University

The University runs regular fire drills for your safety.

In the event of an evacuation Fire Marshall in high visibility vests will be on hand to direct you. However, if you regularly use a building it is sensible to familiarize yourself with the Fire Action signs those that tell you where your assembly point is.

If you see a fire, don’t try to tackle it yourself. Raise the alarm and evacuate the area.