Safety at Home

Neighbourhoods with a large concentration of student properties can often become a target for criminals because of the mobile phones, computers, televisions and games consoles they believe students own.

Whether you live in private or University accommodation, there are a few easy things you can do to help keep your home safe.

  1. Make sure all the ground floor doors are locked, even when you are at home.
  2. Close all the windows and lock all the doors in your property when you leave it empty – thieves can gain entry even through small upstairs windows.
  3. Let your housemates know when you are leaving so that if anyone is in the house alone, they know about it.
  4. Be careful who you let in through communal doors and watch out for tailgaters who might follow you in.
  5. Close the curtains in the evening so that passers-by cannot look into your home and see what you own.
  6. Be careful when you answer the door. Always ask tradesmen for identification. Don’t let anyone in unless you as sure who they are.


  • Insure your property with comprehensive insurance cover.
  • Use UV pens (available free from SSiD) to mark your property with your postcode and house number, or buy a Smartwater kit (discounts available for students). These are both great ways to deter criminals when used correctly.
  • Take the time to register the serial numbers of your electrical goods with Immobilise the free online database, so if they are stolen the Police can return them to you when they find them.
  • Record your mobile phone's IMEI number and keep it somewhere safe. You can often find the IMEI number by checking under the battery or on the side of the box that the phone came in.
  • If you own a bike, lock it to something solid, even at home. You can get high quality discounted locks from the University’s Cycle Hut.