Our Top Ten tips for staying safe and secure at University

  1. Keep your home secure: Keep access doors locked even when you’re in and when you go out close all the windows and lock all the doors in your property. Remember thieves can gain entry even through small upstairs windows.
  2. Keep your property secure: Use UV pens and/or Smartwater to mark your property and register electrical items with Immobilise.
  3. Carry a Personal Alarm (available from the Student Sabbatical Officers located on Level 3 of the Students’ Union) and make sure it is accessible.
  4. Never leave your bag, wallet, purse or expensive electrical items like laptops unattended.
  5. Use the Women’s Minibus or the Safe Taxi Scheme to get home at night.
  6. Never leave your drinks unattended.
  7. Don’t walk home alone after a night out. Where possible, try to get a taxi but if you have to, walk with a group of friends.
  8. Choose strong passwords which use a mixture of numbers, upper-case and lowercase letters and symbols. Don't pick obvious passwords e.g birthdays or names and make sure you use different passwords for different sites.
  9. Familiarize yourself with the Fire Action signs those that tell you where your assembly point is.
  10. Be careful when crossing roads and tram tracks. Stop, look and listen before you cross and don’t walk in front of approaching vehicles.