Women's Safety

The Students' Union is concerned about the safety of all students. In getting home from the Students’ Union, in your accommodation or any part of University life there are support structures in place to try to ensure your safety. Any form of harassment, whether verbal, physical or sexual is completely unacceptable. The Students’ Union also recognises that women’s safety needs are different to men’s.

Please contact the Women's Officer if you have any questions or worries about women’s safety or harassment, or if you would like help in solving any problems you or your friends are facing.

The Women's Night Safety Bus

Running 7 nights a week during term-time the Women's Minibus takes you from outside the Students' Union building, or Information Commons, directly to your doors (max 2 miles from the Students' Union).


A safety alarm is a small device which can be carried in your hand or pocket or as a keyring. If you feel threatened, or are attacked, you can activate the alarm and it will make a loud screech which can help to attract other people to your situation, or frighten the attacker, giving you chance to run away. The Students’ Union provides free safety alarms for all students. They can be collected from the Women’s Officer (the Sabbatical Office on Level 4 of the Union), or the Student Advice Centre.