ShARe for Visiting Students

As a Visiting Student (Erasmus or Study Abroad) at The University of Sheffield, you will receive a statement of results following completion of your study here. This will be issued to you in the form of a secure electronic transcript, via an online system called Sheffield Authorised Records (ShARe). This document displays the official stamp of the University, and is therefore verification of your results.

You will need to find out your HUSID number in order to log in to ShARe. Please find and write this down as soon as possible, so that you have the information you need to continue accessing your transcript once you have left the University.

  • To find your HUSID, log in to MUSE and go to: My Services > myRecord > Personal Details
When will my electronic transcript be issued to me?

Once you have completed your studies at The University of Sheffield and your results have been published.

• If you are studying at Sheffield in Semester 1 only, this will usually be in March
• If you are studying at Sheffield in Semester 2, or for the full year, this will usually be in early July
• If you are taking postgraduate modules, you will receive your results by early December

Exact dates can be found on our How to access your results web page.

Please note: if you are an undergraduate student who has taken postgraduate modules, it is possible that some results will not yet be available. This is because some examination boards to approve postgraduate results may not have taken place yet. If you have missing grades, your transcript will be re-issued to you later in the year. This may be as late as early December.

No action is required by you. As soon as your ShARe transcript is issued, you will receive a notification email to your University of Sheffield address. The email will be sent from:

You cannot access your ShARe account until you have received this notification.

How do I access my electronic transcript?

Log in to ShARe using the following details:

● HUSID: This is your HESA Unique Student Identifier. You will find it in the Personal Details section of myRecord (log in to MUSE and go to My Services > myRecord > Personal Details).
● Password/PIN: This is your University Registration Number. You will find this in the same place as your HUSID. It is also included on your UCard.


When you first log in you must:

● Change your password to something more personal than your Registration Number.
● Change your email to an account you will continue to use after graduation.

You can update these details by going to ‘Settings’ in ShARe.

To view your digital Transcript, simply select View my documents, and select View in the Actions table.

Share my documents

What will happen to my account after I leave The University of Sheffield?

You will be able to continue accessing ShARe after you have left, to enable you to use your electronic transcript as official evidence of your results, and carry on sharing it with anyone of your choice, e.g. employers/other institutions.

However, you will not be able to look up your HUSID number (your ShARe login ID) via MUSE after you have graduated.

Please write down your HUSID before you graduate. You can find your HUSID in MUSE (log in to MUSE, then click My services > myRecord > Personal details).

How do I share my electronic transcript with my home University?

Once you have received your transcript, you must log in to the system and share the document with your home university. To do this:

● Select View my documents.
● Click on Share in the Actions table.


● Click on Create. This appears on the left-hand side of the screen. Then type into the Recipient Email box the email address of the relevant contact at your home university.

Share create

● Click Next at the bottom of the screen, check the details you have entered are correct, and then click Finish.

Share create

If you click on the Sharing tab at the top and click "View document shares", you will see a list of the people you have shared your digital Transcript with. You can also edit or delete shares from this screen.

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