Family Illness and Bereavement 

An outline of the support available if a member of your family is ill or if you've lost someone close to you. 

Academic support

If a family illness or bereavement is impacting on your ability to study, you should inform your academic department so they can offer you any academic support you may need.

Exams and assessments 

If your ability to undertake your exams or assessments has been affected, you can apply for Extenuating Circumstances.

Student Wellbeing Service

The Student Wellbeing Service offers short-term, tailored one-to-one support if you’re feeling down, overwhelmed or struggling to adjust to student life.

General support

The Central Welfare and Guidance team can offer in-depth support and guidance with any personal difficulties you may be facing.

Student carers

If you have caring responsibilities, you can find more detailed information and an outline of our dedicated support services on the page below.

Taking time out of University 

If you need to take time out from University to focus on yourself or others, you can apply for a Leave of Absence.

External support

The page below outlines the external, non-University support services available.