Coping with Personal Relationship Problems

What can we do if disagreements are making our relationship very difficult?

In all relationships there are going to be times of serious disagreement where a conflict of interest as to be resolved—this does not mean there is something wrong with the relationship. If you are not in the habit of talking in your relationship, it might be interesting to give it a try. Relationships are one of the curious features of human existence and can be well worth exploring.

Tip: Accept that you are both two different people, and that you have to work to accept the difference even when the difference is profound.

What can I do to make a long distance relationship work?

It’s difficult to embark upon a long-distance relationship without an end in sight. Discuss this before you go into it and settle on a time (whether it's after university or when you're settled in new careers) so you’re both comfortable. The Student Room website contains lots of useful information and advice on coping when you are far away from your partner.

Tip: Try and enjoy your independence ; being away from your partner has its benefits too! You have your own space to do your own thing and you’ll have less of a distraction when it comes to studying.

Our relationship is in trouble because of sexual problems, what can we do to solve this?

Most people expect to have good days and bad days when it comes to working or performing a sport. However, when it comes to sex we have a tendency to completely forget that we are all human and all different, and we expect to have instant expertise, total conformity and complete predictability.

If you feel that you need more advice or counselling then there are services to help you, such as the charity Relate. Relate is the largest provider of sex therapy, which is completely confidential. Problems are normally resolved by means of discussion.

A partner has informed me she/he has a STD - How do I get a STI check ?

make an appointment with a nurse at the University Health Service.

Further information and Guidance

The following weblinks contain useful information and guidance, when coping with personal relationship problems:

Contacts: Coping with Personal Relationship Problems

Counselling Service 0114 22 24134
Relate (Relationship Counselling) 0300 100 1234

If your particular problem or solution is not included in our web pages, or if you would like to speak to someone in person but aren't sure who to approach, please come to SSiD. We will try to help you or at least point you in the right direction.