HSBC Educational Scholarships


The HSBC Educational Scholarship is no longer available. The information below is for reference for students currently in receipt of the scholarship. 

In partnership with HSBC, we offered 5 scholarships per year for undergraduate students entering the University who have spent a significant amount of time in care. The awards are worth £10,000 per level of study, paid directly towards your tuition fees and any remaining funds paid to you. 

To be considered for the scholarship you needed to meet all of the criteria below: 

  • Started your course in September 2018 or earlier. Please note that this award will not be available to new students from September 2019.
  • Eligible to receive care leaver's support from the University.
  • Attended a state secondary school/college.

Points to Note

  • If you change from a 3 year to a 4 year course during your studies you will only be eligible to receive the scholarship for 3 years.
  • Where we received more than 5 applications, a panel of senior members of staff selected the 5 strongest applications.
  • This scholarship is in addition to any loans, bursaries or local authority support you may be entitled to.
  • Funds paid to you are intended to support your study costs.
  • The amount of money paid to you may change if your tuition fees increase/decrease.

If you have any questions about the HSBC Educational Scholarship please contact the Financial Support Team:


Tel: 0114 222 1319