Academic Support

We recommend that you contact your academic department before you start your course to let them know about any responsibilities you have which may have an impact of your studies or your ability to attend classes.

From time-to-time you may experience difficulties in keeping up with academic work or with attending classes if problems occur at home. If these problems have an adverse impact on your studies, for example you miss a deadline, it is important to make relevant staff in your department aware as soon as possible. Find out early in your studies who you should contact if you experience illness or complications at home. For example, this could be your Personal Tutor, Course Administrator or Seminar Tutor.

It’s likely that your department will ask you to complete a Special Circumstances Form, which can be downloaded on the righthand-side of this page.

If you have clashes between your timetable and your caring responsibilities you need to discuss this with your department to see if it’s possible for alternative options to be put in place. It may not always be possible for timetables to be changed, but by talking this through with appropriate staff in your department, other solutions may be available.