Students with Caring Responsibilities

Many students combine their university studies with caring responsibilities. The University defines a carer as someone who looks after another person on an unpaid basis who otherwise could not manage on their own. This might be because they have a long term physical or mental illness, a disability, are getting older or are dependent on drugs or alcohol. 

You may have started University knowing that you would be caring for somebody, however for some, this may be a role you've taken on unexpectedly part way through your studies.

Whatever your situation, it's important to let the University know, so that we can ensure you have access to all the right support; personal, academic and financial. You can notify the University of your caring responsibilties by completing this simple on-line web form.

We also recommend that you speak to your Personal Tutor about your circumstances so that they're able to offer support and discuss any adjustments or flexibility that you might need in relation to your studies.

Financial Support

Financial Support

Enhanced bursaries are available to students with caring responsibilities. 

Personal Support


The University offers lots of support for students struggling with emotional or personal issues.

Academic Support

Students in Lecture Theatre

Contact your academic department before you start your course 

You can find further information about the support available to you on these webpages or you can contact Student Transitions and Support with any other questions or concerns at