Student Pregnancy

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First Steps

The University recommends you seek sound medical advice as soon as you know you are pregnant.

Support Plan

Your department can complete an assessment with you to identify any risks associated with your programme of study.

Taking Maternity Leave

You will be required to take two weeks compulsory Maternity Leave immediately following the birth of your child.

Financial Advice

The University recomends that you meet with an advisor in the Students' Union Advice Centre.

Returning to the University

Information about re-integrating into your studies will be sent to you.

Details of Support

A list of services provided by the University and Students' Union, which you may choose to seek advice and support from.

Immigration Advice

Immigration advisers can tell you about how maternity leave may affect your visa.

If you would like any further support and advice please contact Kathryn Axon in Student Support & Guidance