Information about your student UCard and how to request a replacement if it's damaged, lost or stolen.


Your UCard allows you to:

  • access and borrow from the library
  • obtain discounted prices at Sport Sheffield
  • prove your identity for all University services and exams
  • access the Students' Union building and become a member
  • use the photocopying and printing services for a small charge
  • access other buildings (please contact the Estates department)


You must bring your UCard with you to every exam and it must be visible on your desk throughout the duration.

You must not:

  • lend your UCard to someone else
  • use a UCard that doesn't belong to you

Please refer to the information on UCard misuse

Getting your UCard

If you've completed your online pre-registration and uploaded a photograph, your UCard will be ready to collect at your registration event.

If you can't attend your registration event, you can obtain your UCard from SSiD once you've registered. Please bring your Registration Statement and a form of ID.

Free UCard holders are available for medical students at SSiD.

Please visit the page below to determine whether your registration status makes you eligible for a UCard.


If your blue UCard is lost, stolen or damaged, you can request a replacement from SSiD online for £7 or in person for £5.

Your old card will then be deactivated or retained.

Visit SSiD

Order replacement UCard online

If your UCard is not blue, please contact CiCS on the email below.

If you find a UCard please hand it in to SSiD or the Students’ Union Welcome Desk.

Free replacements

You may be eligible for a free replacement if:

  • your name has changed
  • you have changed department 
  • the card is faulty or badly printed
  • your dates of study have changed
  • your appearance has significantly changed
  • the card is worn or damaged through reasonable wear and tear
  • the card has been stolen (you must provide a crime reference number on Police letter headed paper)

If you are eligible, please order your replacement in person from SSiD.


Your UCard will be confiscated and you may face disciplinary action if you:

  • lend your UCard to anybody else
  • attempt to use a deactivated UCard
  • use a UCard that does not belong to you
  • attempt to use an expired Ucard to gain access to University buildings and social events
  • attempt to use an expired Ucard to obtain student discount on local transport services, or other goods and services

Expiry and extension

The expiry date on your UCard is your course end date.

If your course end date changes, SSiD can update and re-issue your UCard for free.

You can still access some University services and benefits as an alumnus once your UCard has expired. For more details, visit:

Leave of absence and external students

If your UCard expires during a leave of absence or while you are registered as an external student, SSiD can extend your UCard to reflect the new course end date on your student record.

Postgraduate research students

If you've submitted your thesis and your UCard has expired, you will be eligible for 2-3 months extension at a time.

If you need an extension, please bring your thesis submission receipt to SSiD or CiCs.

If you need a second extension, you must obtain a Certificate of Student Status from SSiD to confirm your ongoing registration status of SU (Submitted).

If your registration status is ‘To Resubmit’ and your end of studies date has been updated, you can obtain a replacement UCard from SSiD.

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Please email us for any further queries.

Email SSiD About UCards

Visit the page below to view up to date student feedback on UCards.