Lost, Stolen and Replacement UCards

If you find a UCard please hand it in to a member of University staff who will pass it on to SSiD.

Replacement UCards

SSiD will issue a new UCard for a replacement fee of £5. The following exceptions may apply:

  • The card has been stolen and a crime reference number can be provided (this must be on Police letter headed paper).
  • The card is worn or damaged through reasonable wear and tear
  • The card is faulty or badly printed
  • The cardholder's appearance has significantly changed
  • The cardholder has changed department
  • The cardholder's name has changed
  • The cardholder's dates of study have changed

Once a UCard has been reissued, we cannot reactivate any previous cards.

For security purposes, SSiD are required to retain and destroy all expired or replaced UCards.

If you are unable to come to SSiD for a replacement UCard and you are not entitled to a free replacement (see above), you can order your UCard online for £7 (inc. p&p)

Order Replacement UCard

Please note that we can only provide replacement blue, student UCards. If you have any other type of UCard please contact CiCS - helpdesk@sheffield.ac.uk

Lost UCards

If you lose your UCard you should tell SSiD as soon as possible and we will disable it until you are able to come in for a replacement.

If your UCard is handed in to SSiD, we will send you an email to let you know it is available to collect.

Stolen UCards

If you suspect your UCard has been stolen, you should tell SSiD immediately (+44 114 222 1299) so we can disable your card and prevent it from being used for access. If you report the theft to the Police then you will be given a crime reference number which we can use to replace your UCard without charge.