Check if you're eligible for a UCard

Find out if your registration status makes you eligible for a UCard.

If you're a new student, we can issue you with a UCard if your registration status is FR (Fully Registered), PR (Provisionally Registered) or TEMP (Temporarily Registered). 

Registration Code

Registration Status 

Eligibility for a UCard

FR Fully Registered Eligible
FRW Fully Registered (writing up) Eligible


New Entrant  Must register before being issued with UCard
PR  Provisionally Registered  Eligible 
TEMP  Temporarily Registered  Eligible 
W/H RESULT Results Withheld  No Extension (not eligible) 
AWAIT RES Awaiting Results  Can apply for extension from Student Administration Service
DE (FINAL)  Deferred Result (Final Year)  No Extension (not eligible) 
EX External  Eligible 
APPEAL Appealing  Not eligible 
FAIL (FINAL)  Fail (Final Year) Eligible but must re-register 
IR  Incorrect Record Not eligible 
LOA Leave of Absence Eligible
MED CERT Medical Certificate of Fitness Required Not Eligible
NA (FINAL) Not Assessed (Final Year)  Eligible but must re-register first
RB Roll Back to Admissions Not eligible 
REPEAT Repeating year  Must register before being issued with UCard
RESUBMITTED  Resubmitted  No extension 
RR Ready to register Must register before being issued with UCard
SU  Submitted (PG) Eligible but must show thesis submission receipt
TO RESUBMIT To Resubmit (PG)  Eligible for extension 
WU Writing Up (PG) No extension
SC Successful Completion (with Commendation/Distinction/Merit) Not eligible 
TR Transferred to another institution  Not eligible 
WD + suffix Withdrawn + reason Not eligible
WH (FINAL) Degree withheld (Final Year) Not eligible
COMPLETED Programme completed (visiting/Erasmus/study abroad) Not eligible
SUSP Suspended for disciplinary reasons Not eligible
SR Suspended candidate Not eligible
REF Refused registration Not eligible
UR Unregistered Not eligible
DORM Dormant Not eligible 
UNKNOWN  Unknown Not eligible