Work of the Central Content Team

Content Management Support Team (based in SSiD) drives content management improvement in Student Support Services

Hub and Spoke Model

We can help colleagues with advice and guidance to help enhance their digital and non-digital content. We can also leverage the skills of these specialists in our team to support stakeholders across the department.

1. Site Management

Manage the structure, navigation, pages and linking

  • Manage CMS Access: We grant and remove CMS access in line with CMS Access Policy.
  • Improve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): We are continually looking for opportunities to improve the findability of our pages including: improving navigation to improve browsing , Improving titles, URL, meta descriptions to improve search results, encouraging referral traffic
  • Internal Link Building: We proactively check the web pages of other departments in order to check our content duplicated there and correct broken links and suggest new links to our web pages

2. Driving the Improvement of Content

  • Developing Content Guidelines and Procedures: The CMST have developed a number of guidelines and procedures related to creating, maintaining and evaluating web pages.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Content: We have developed resources to evaluate the effectiveness of web pages and report findings and recommendations to content owners.
  • Develop and Deliver Content Management Training: We organise training sessions to help Content Editors and Updaters to develop their skills, knowledge and awareness of web content writing and editing.

3. Supporting Colleagues

  • Content Design (including Copywriting and Editing): We can help colleagues to design their content. This includes writing or rewriting copy so that it works for the web.
  • Handling General Content Enquiries and Requests: we handle general web related enquiries requests that come to the department and refer appropriately to the relevant web editors.
  • Support the Content Management Group: The CMST supports the group by providing research findings and papers for discussion including proposed changes to procedures guidelines and policies.
  • Web Development: We can help develop non-CMS solutions including applications and databases.

4. Raise Awareness of Content Management Issues

  • Policies and Standards: We contact colleagues to remind them of the established policies and standards.
  • Communications and Updates: We send out a regular newsletter to staff in Student Support Services.
  • Sharing Good Practice: We have developed a compendium of web issues building on our Web Content Guidelines by providing additional context and explanation.

Resources developed by the Content Team:

Web Print
Accessibility guidelines  Accessibility Guidelines 
CMS Access Policy Style Guide
Content Management Newsletter Templates 
Guide to Content Management
Content Audits
Content Checklists
Content Maintenance Worflow 
Content Production Workflow 
Content Retirement Procedure
Content Review Proccess
Content Style Guide
Word to the Webwise
User Research