Disability support advice: guidance for staff

The purpose of these guidance pages is to

  • Provide staff with a general overview of the nature of particular types of impairment and the impact that they can have on study
  • Identify some of the disabling barriers to learning a student with a particular type of impairment might face at the University of Sheffield
  • Suggest some ways that staff can remove (or at least reduce) these barriers so as to maximise the chances of a disabled student being able to perform to the best of their ability at University whilst remaining well

It is important to emphasise that experiences of impairment vary widely between different individuals, and can vary for an individual at different points too. Often at University the barriers faced by a disabled student are specific to the particular requirements being made of them on an academic programme at a particular point as well. With this in mind, the best source of information about the impact which an impairment/condition is having on a student's University experience is them, and staff are encouraged to speak with students about what support they would find useful. If for some reason a staff member feels unable to have this sort of discussion with a student, they should signpost the student to DDSS for this purpose.

In addition to this general guidance and any specific recommendations contained within a student's Learning Support Plan, staff can also contact DDSS with specific queries about how to support students.