Student Immigration Queries

It is a requirement of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 that only named individuals are authorised to give immigration advice. At this University, certain staff in Student Services (staff in International Student Services) and in the Union of Students have been trained to deal with student-related immigration matters and are authorised to advise, represent students to immigration authorities and so on.

Staff in academic departments are asked to refer all international students with immigration queries to International Student Support or to the Student Advice Centre in the Students' Union (a range of publications and web pages are available, alongside individual guidance from staff). International Students who are coming to study or currently studying at the ELTC should be referred to the Immigration Adviser at the ELTC.

It is particularly important that students refused visas or refused extensions to stay in UK are referred immediately to International Student Support(ISS). This will allow us to meet our reporting requirements under Tier 4.

Delay or inappropriate representations can complicate matters considerably. It can be extremely unhelpful to contact the Home Office or Entry Clearance Posts abroad, however well-intentioned one might be.

International Student Support (ISS) is part of the Student Support and Guidance section of Student Support Services and is located on Level 6 of the Students' Union.