Preventing Radicalisation Compliance

Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) are required to have "due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism". The government has issued guidance for HEIs:


Monitoring of compliance is the responsibility of the Higher Education Funding Council of England (Hefce). They have published useful general which was updated in September 2016:

Freedom of Speech

The University of Sheffield is committed to ensuring that freedom of speech within the law is secured for members of the University and visiting speakers. This is embedded in the

Universities UK guidance states that:

“Universities play an important role in society as places of debate and discussion where ideas and beliefs can be tested without fear of control…where students learn to challenge ideas and think for themselves…and where rationality underpins the pursuit of knowledge.”

The HE Leadership Foundation summarises that:

“Universities are open institutions with a legal obligation to promote and facilitate academic freedom and freedom of speech. However, these are qualified rights....section 31 of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act states that in meeting the statutory duty, higher education institutions must have particular regard to the duty to ensure freedom of speech and the importance of academic freedom.”

At The University of Sheffield, Prevent work is coordinated within safeguarding and student support.