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You can find our details below, or visit our Helpdesk at:

Student Administration Service
Students' Union, Level 6
Western Bank
S10 2TG

Our Helpdesk is open weekdays from 9am until 4:30 pm.

Student Registration and Records Team

Students in the queue for registration

The Student Registration and Records Team ensures that all students are given the appropriate registered status, aiming to provide the University with the most current and accurate record of the student population throughout each academic session. It is responsible for implementing Student Registration processes throughout the year.

Staff can contact us by email at

Student Administration Service Enquiry Form for Students

Name Role Pattern
of Work
Matthew Page Student Registration Manager Full-Time (does not work Wednesday)
Lucia Allen Student Registration Support Assistant Full Time
Gemma Bottery Student Registration Officer Part-Time (Mon, Tues, Wed)
Emma Hulme Student Registration Assistant Part-Time (does not work Friday)
Anna Leggett Student Registration Assistant Full-Time
David Markham Student Records Officer Full-Time
Hannah Thain Student Registration Assistant Part-Time (Mon, Tues, Wed)
Jo White Student Registration Assistant Part-Time (does not work Monday)
Student Fees Team

Credit Card

The Student Fees Team manages the fee and sponsorship records for all students and programmes. It is also responsible for Fee Status Assessments (refer to the Admissions Service if pre-Registration); the Personal Payments Scheme (application process available to some students experiencing problems paying their tuition fee); reporting student attendance to UK sponsoring bodies such as the Student Loans Company and the NHS.

Staff can contact us by email at

Student Administration Service Enquiry Form for Students

Name Position Pattern
of Work
Sarah Brecknell Student Fees Assistant Full-Time
Matthew Burrell Senior Student Fees Assistant Full-Time (Mon 8:30-5, Tue 10-5, Wed 10-5, Thur 9:30-5, Fri 8:30-5)
Sarah Curzon Student Fees Officer Full Time
Melanie Moore Senior Student Fees Assistant Part-Time (Mon 9-12:30, Wed 9-5, Fri 9-12:30)
James Trafford Senior Student Fees Assistant Full-Time
Student Examinations Team

A multiple choice exam paper

The Examinations Team manages the organisation and conduct of the University’s invigilated examinations, including those delivered overseas and online. The team is also responsible for timetabling invigilated examinations and related room bookings, disability support, advice and guidance, and candidate conduct.

Name Role Pattern
of Work
Email Phone
Jo Ashton Student Examinations Manager Full-Time 21283
Fran Hoyland Student Examinations Support Assistant Full-Time 23996
Pauline McKenzie Senior Student Examinations Assistant Part-Time (8-4 Mon-Wed) 21298
Ben Morris Student Examinations Assistant Part-Time (9-12:30 Tue-Weds, 9-5 Thu-Fri) 21305
Richard Tate Senior Student Examinations Assistant Full-Time 26166
Student Results & Awards Team

Results board

The Results & Awards Team is responsible for providing support and advice to staff and students on student-related academic matters, processing examination results and awards, issuing Higher Education Achievement Reports (HEARs) and electronic Transcripts to students, and maintaining the associated student record.

First Line Contacts

Faculty Staff Contacts Email Phone
Board of Extra Faculty Provision (inc. DfLL) Katie Owen (PT) 29757
Faculty of Arts and Humanities Lynne Stamp (PT) 21261
Faculty of Engineering Katie Gard 21291
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sarah Inkson 21326
Faculty of Science Michael Hammond (Interim) 21273
Faculty of Social Sciences Wendy Gautrey 21301
Faculty of Social Sciences (Law) Lynne Stamp (PT) 21261
International Faculty Jane Barker 29756

Additional Contacts

Name Position Pattern
of Work
Email Phone
Stephanie Betts Interim Student Results & Awards Manager Full-Time 21274
Gill Hudson Student Results & Awards Support Assistant Full-Time 29755
Karen Shippam Student Results & Awards Officer Full-Time 21411
Student Engagement & Progress Team

Traffic Lights

The Student Engagement & Progress Team is responsible for:

  • Student progress and progression monitoring, including Student Attendance Monitoring and student sponsor liaison;
  • Reporting changes in student circumstances to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI);
  • First-stage formal student cases: Progress Concerns (including Faculty Student Reviews), Fitness to Practise, Academic Appeals, Student Complaints;
  • Data Quality checks on behalf of the Student Administration Service.

Area of Work Email Lead Contact Phone Extension Secondary Contact(s) Phone
Academic Appeals (Faculty Stage) Jane Wilkinson 21325 Shirley Guimaraes
Stephanie Betts
Student Complaints (Faculty Stage) Jane Wilkinson 21325 Stephanie Betts 21274
Fitness to Practise Stephanie Betts 21274 Jane Wilkinson 21325
Student Engagement and Progress with Studies Shirley Guimaraes
Stephanie Betts
Sponsor Liaison Rachel Bunker 21327 Michael Hammond 21273
Student Attendance Monitoring Rachel Bunker 21327 Stephanie Betts 21274
UKVI Reporting (Changes of student circumstances) Rachel Bunker 21327 Michael Hammond 21273

Team Leader:

Name Position Pattern of Work Email Phone Extension
Stephanie Betts Student Engagement and Progress Manager Full-Time 21274
Student Conduct & Appeals Team

A shelf containing University Regulations from various years

The Student Conduct & Appeals Office (SCA) offers guidance and support, and administers the formal procedures in relation to:

  • use of unfair means and plagiarism in assessments;
  • student discipline matters (academic and non-academic);
  • final stages of the University's procedures in relation to student appeals and complaints;
  • external review by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA).

SCA also offers advice regarding the managing of inappropriate behaviour by service users.

Name Position Pattern
of Work
Email Phone
Sally Sutton Student Conduct & Appeals Manager Part-Time 29622
Emma Brace Student Conduct & Appeals Officer Full-Time 21290
Amy Cartwright Senior Student Conduct & Appeals Assistant Part-Time 29546
Student Information & Developments Team

Social media tree

The Student Information & Developments Team is responsible for managing enquiries to any of the teams within the Student Administration Service, and coordinating related information and communications to staff and students. It is also responsible for providing student information & data, and for leading on cross-cutting service evaluation and improvement work.

Name Position Specialism(s) Pattern
of Work
Email Phone
Helen Tattam Student Information & Developments Manager Student Information, Data & Systems; Projects Full-Time 21292
Keith Miller Senior Communications & Data Assistant Student & Staff Communications, Data & Systems Full-Time 21275
Jamie Shaw Student Helpdesk Support Assistant Enquiries Full-Time 29549
Daniel Vaughan HEAR & Projects Assistant Student Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) Full-Time 21756
Head of Service
Name Position Pattern
of Work
Email Phone
Ana Hidalgo-Kingston Head of Student Administration Service Full-Time
Megan Cardwell Personal and Projects Assistant Full-Time 26167
Rachael Firth Office Administration Support Assistant Part-Time 21286