Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Prizes

New: The University of Sheffield Faculty-Approved Prize Database provides a user-friendly way of accessing prize information.

University of Sheffield Faculty-Approved Prize Database

Please note that any Postgraduate Research Prize matters should be directed to Research Services.


There are two types of Prize:

  1. Faculty-Approved Prize
  2. Non-Faculty-Approved Prize


These Prizes are administered by the Results & Awards Team in the Student Administration Service.

A Faculty-Approved Prize:

  • has formal regulations
  • has undergone a Faculty approval process
  • is published on the University's website
  • is loaded onto student records by the Student Administration (and, if undergraduate, included in the HEAR)
  • is called out at the Degree Ceremony for students awarded in their final year


These prizes are administered by Academic Departments and NOT the Student Administration Service.

A Non-Faculty-Approved Prize:

  • does not go through a formal approval process
  • is not published on the University's website
  • is not noted on the student record (although you can request that they be included in the HEAR)
  • is likely to be presented within the Academic Department


If you are planning a new prize, we suggest you start by looking at the "New Prize: Good and Bad Examples".

If the prize is funded by a donation (or donations), you should contact the Development and Alumni Relations Office within the University, for advice. For example, you may be able to increase the value of the gift and therefore the value of the prize, by making use of Gift Aid, if the gift is from an individual who is a UK tax payer.

If the capital value of the prize fund is £10,000 or more, then you may also wish to consider making this a Permanent Restricted Endowment. To discuss any of the above, please contact Miles Stevenson, the Director of Development, at the Development and Alumni Relations Office, Telephone ext 21070 Miles.Stevenson@sheffield.ac.uk

A Faculty-Approved Prize

  • You should complete the Request Faculty Approval for a New Prize form (in "Useful Links" box) once you have developed your draft regulations.
  • You do not have to wait for the Annual Review of Prize Regulations (January-March) to submit draft regulations for new prizes. However, any requests that are received after 6 March 2020 will not be Faculty-Approved for award this session.
  • We will ensure that requests received after the Annual Prize Review period will be put forward for approval next session. In the meantime, you may still choose to award the prize as a Non-Faculty-Approved Prize.
  • Once you have submitted your draft regulations you will be contacted by the Results & Awards Team in the Student Administration Service.
  • When the regulations for your prize have been finalised and approved, you will also need to confirm a description of the prize for display in the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).  Guidelines on writing a HEAR description are available from the "Downloads" box on the right.

A Non-Faculty-Approved Prize

  • You should not complete the new prize form, but it may be a useful reference for thinking through your new departmental prize.
  • If you would like a Non-Faculty-Approved Prize to be considered for inclusion in the HEAR, please complete the Non-Faculty-Approved Prizes Form on the staff HEAR website: Non-Faculty-Approved Prizes Form


Specific Faculty Prize Queries:
Contact the member of staff in the Results & Awards Team who supports your Faculty.

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) Enquiries:
Contact Dan Vaughan in the Student Administration Service.
Telephone extension 21756