Central Welfare and Guidance (CWaG)

The Central Welfare and Guidance team supports students experiencing personal difficulties that are significantly impacting on their university experience and ability to study. Sometimes we do this by engaging with the student themselves but we also provide direct support and guidance to staff members, family members, friends, coursemates and housemates of the student who is causing concern.

Contact Details

Central Welfare and Guidance
Student Support and Guidance Office
Level 6, Students' Union Building

telephone: 0114 222 4321

email : support@sheffield.ac.uk

If you have concerns about the behaviour of a student and would like advice about how best to support them, or if you think it would be useful for them to meet with a member of the team, please contact Central Welfare and Guidance. If you're seeking advice you don't have to give the name of the student.

We also have links to external support agencies who provide specialist intervention that the University may not be resourced for e.g. Rape Crisis, SY Police, Domestic Abuse Coordination Team, Community Mental Health

Some of the situations that we assist and advise on include:

  • serious ill health/hospitalisation
  • sexual violence (current or historic)
  • victim of a crime
  • bullying and harassment
  • housing/relationship issues
  • relationship abuse
  • bereavement
  • missing students
  • forced marriage and honour violence
  • students who have stopped engaging with their academic studies