GRACE (Gatekeeping Referrals And Customer Enquiries)


Over the years, people coming to work shadow at SSiD have expressed interest in GRACE (our reception enquiry recording system):

  • “I wasn’t aware that the GRACE system made it possible for SSiD to print off so many details within seconds.” MLTC
  • “It would be great if Academic Departments could use this in the future, to create a flow of information round the University.” History
  • "GRACE seems to hold all the information and letters you ever need.” Finance

Since July 2011, the enquiry handling and reports system at SSiD, GRACE (Gatekeeping Referrals And Customer Enquiries) has been developed as a web application. The reason for this change was to make the database on the backend of the system more robust, the interface compatible on all browsers and systems and to allow us to scale up the system and include more users from outside of SSiD.

What does it do?

Each section that uses the system can have its own enquiry types and subtypes for recording and monitoring activity with students on front desks. Aside from this, it is also a useful interface for finding information on students, alumni and applicants that is significantly faster than other systems in use at present, with a friendlier interface.

Users can also produce referral slips to other parts of the University, that include student's details, a picture and a map of where they need to go and contact details of both the staff who is referring the student, and the location of where the student is being referred.