GRACE (Gatekeeping Referrals And Customer Enquiries)

Grace is the name of the enquiry recording system in SSiD. GRACE (Gate keeping, Referrals and Customer Enquiries) is an Access application that has replaced our tick sheets in Febraury 2008. It provides us with information about not only how many people we have served but who they were and which of over two hundred enquiries they made.

We have developed the system over the last few years and we are recording nearly all face to face customer interactions on the system including all the things we previously recorded on various spreadsheets like transcript requests, confirming letters, faxes and letters.

The first version of Grace was very simple: a ―tick sheet on the screen. Staff on the counter used it for a few weeks and gave feedback on how well the system worked and what it lacked. From there we made changes and launched a new version of GRACE, used it for a few weeks and so on.

In 2012 we implemented a new system webGRACE that reads data from live and archive records from the University database and can be shared by many users in many locations