Student Answers

Student Answrs is a knowledgebase, filled with the most common, general student related  questions.  The database is maintained by SSiD.  Colleagues across the University are invited to help expand the service by becoming contributors to the knowledgebase and by promoting Ask Sheffield on their web pages.

Request change to FAQ

You can request changes to your existing frequently ask questions on the  knowledgebase by sending details via this web form.

Request new FAQ

You can request new frequently ask questions on the knowledgebase by sending details via this web form.

Writing Good FAQs

 This guide is designed to cover some basic principles in good FAQ writing.

Content Owners

The table list the categories and content owners of the entries in Ask Sheffield.


How SSiD supports colleagues across the University (Content Providers) by maintaining the Ask Sheffield database.

Ask Sheffield Offer

The Ask Sheffield offer explains how we can help and what clients can expect from that service.


Ask Sheffield benefits University staff by reducing the number of enquiries received via telephone, email and face to face.

FAQ Entry Format

Suggested format for an FAQ datbase entry (question and answer and further informtion)

Promotional Copy

Include in your contact pages to help filter your general student related enquiries.

For further information contact the Office and Systems team in SSiD at