Collection / Delivery Point Offer

We can act as a collection / delivery point for your students

Since opening in 1997 we have been a convenient, visible, well known place for students to collect and return documentation including leaflets and completed forms.

Collection Point

Students and staff can collect a wide range of forms, letters and leaflets from the SSiD office:

• Address Change Guidance
• Bank Information for International Students
• Booklets, Flyers, Leaflets, Postcards, Bookmarks, and Pocket Guides
• Council Tax Forms
• Council Tax Guidance
• Erasmus / Study Abroad Late Arrival Packs
• Exam Venue Directions
• Extenuating Circumstances Forms
• Financial Support Forms
• GP Medical Registration Forms
• HC1 Forms
• Maps of the University Campus
• Module Add/Drop Forms
• National Insurance Number Guidance
• Police Registration Guidance
• Prospectuses
• Railcard Applications
• Sample Visitor Invitation Letters
• Support Services Guidance
• UCard Guidance
• Visitor Visa Guidance

Post Box For Our Colleagues

We take receipt of documents for our colleagues in other parts of the University who will then process them.

If you want to use us to be a convenient place for students to return forms we ask you to meet us half way by collecting the documents from SSiD. We like to help but do not have the resources or remit to be a postman for colleagues.

Documents we accept include:

• Module Add/Drop Forms
• Financial Support Applications and Supporting Documents

For more information contact us: