SSiD Liaison Meetings

As a service we rely on the support of and cooperation of colleagues across the University in everything we deliver to students. To better serve those students we work hard to continually improve and strengthen our partnerships with colleagues.

One of the ways we do this is with regular bi-lateral liaison meetings.

The Student Enquiries Manager and a different Information Assistant get together with key partners regularly (monthly, bi monthly or quarterly depending on need)

In these informal meetings we:

  • Share service updates
  • Discuss how enquiries are referred between the services
  • Discuss issues that have arisen that are of joint concern
  • Discuss expected upcoming changes

These key partners include colleagues:

  • Who we refer many enquiries to
  • Who refer many enquiries to us
  • Where we provide information on their behalf
  • Where issues are complex and rapidly changing

As well as key partners in Student Support Services we regularly meet with colleagues from the Library, ELTC, Research Services, Student Advice Centre, etc.

Following the meetings notes are shared with staff and contribute to our knowledge base helping us serve students more effectively.

The Benefits

  • We are able share information that has not come through the usual channels
  • We can raise awareness of our services and their offerings
  • We can clarify new processes and procedures immediately
  • We can test out our new ideas and proposals with our colleagues in a safe environment

This three or four hours a month is a great investment in collaboration, developing existing relationships and  looking for better ways to work together to meet the changing needs of students.

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