Managing Feedback from Students

Comments, complaints, compliments or even new ideas are welcomed as an opportunity for us to understand what you want from the services we provide.

Managing Feedback at SSiD

Any feedback gained is an opportunity for us to understand and improve our services and their delivery.

Feedback Procedure

A flowchart showing the stages of collecting feedback from students and using it to drive imporovement in SSiD.

Daily Student Survey

We send out a daily questinnaire to students who have visited the front desk the day before to ask them about their experiences.

Daily Survey Statistics

Statistics from our daily survey to students following their visit to the one-stop-shop.

Improving feedback

Over the years we have look to improve how we collect and act upon feedback from all our customers, particularly students.

Annual Student Survey

The Student Barometer is a well-established independent feedback process

What students tell us

View the last thirty comments submitted by students.

What students tell their friends

View the last thirty comments submitted by students about what they would tell their friends.

Using Feedback from Students

We are committed to using feedback from our students to drive improvement in our services

Student Satisfaction with SSiD

Of the dozen or so Russell Group Universities surveyed we have been ranked first nine out of the last ten years.