Driving Service Improvement using Feedback from Students

We are committed to using feedback from our students to drive improvement in our services and demonstrate clearly that we take action based upon their feedback. Over the years we have found ways to improve the process of collecting, analysing and acting on their feedback.

The Daily Student Survey was a key development in this area introduced to make the flow of feedback and service recovery more effective.

Student Satisfaction

Recording the feedback

1. When the student visits our office in the Students’ Union we record their enquiry on our Customer relationship Management system.

2. The next morning a personalised email is sent to all students who visited the previous day.  The email states “We would like to hear about the experience of your visit so that we can continue to review and improve our services for you. Please take a few moments to answer the questions in the weblink below.”

3. The student is given a link to a feedback web form which is already automatically part populated with their details and they are invited to answer a range of questions related to service quality. These questions include:

  • What made you visit SSiD today?
  • How satisfied were you with the overall service?
  • How would you rate the following aspects of service?
    • Waiting Time
    • Helpfulness of Staff
    • Information and Knowledge of Staff
  • Were you referred to another service?
  • How could we have done better?
  • What would you say about SSiD if a friend asked?
  • How would  you describe your feedback?

4. At the moment the student submits online their feedback it is:

  • Immediately appears in the email inbox of the member of staff that served them giving us a better opportunity for service recovery where dissatisfaction is expressed with the service.
  • Recorded automatically in our CRM database.

Service Recovery

Some feedback may require us to immediately respond to it.   If service recovery is required the member of staff can, and are expected to take remedial action where we have failed to provide the standard of service required. This may include contacting the student immediately and offering to put the situation right.

Individual complaints, comment or suggestions are respond to within two working days. This acts as an acknowledgement that feedback has been received and to explain the next steps.

In cases where a feedback response is categorised as a compliment, the information helps to reinforce our core service values, as well as maintaining and raising staff motivation and morale (especially helpful at busy and stressful times).

Reviewing feedback  

We hold a monthly meeting to discuss the comments, suggestions and complaints that have been made in order to decide if changes need to be made arising from student feedback. These could be additional training for staff, changes in procedures or contacting colleagues elsewhere to discuss students’ concerns. We also hold a bi-monthly meeting to discuss to coordinate any other activities seeking to collect feedback from students such as ad-hoc surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc.


A pre-programmed report on our CRM system allows staff to generate recorded feedback data for any time period. This helps with a monthly report sent to all staff each month reporting the headline figures, any ad-hoc reporting and generating information for further discussion.

Publishing our feedback

We use our web pages to make students aware of where changes have and have not been made and why. This may include:

  • Explaining the changes we have made to our policies, procedures and systems based upon student feedback.
  • Explaining why we cannot make changes requested by students and why.

Our feedback web pages also automatically display the last 30 items of feedback submitted by students and the comments they would make to friends about the service received at SSiD.

by Scott Castle
30th June 2007
updated 6 March 2017