Business Strategy Map



  • Collaboration
  • Cooperation
  • Co-creation
  • Communication


  • SWOT
  • Change
  • Customers
  • Technologies


  • Staff
  • Services 
  • Systems
  • Strategies


  • Measurement
  • Evaluation
  • Action
  • Review

Strategic Themes

Service Delivery

Continually improving how effectively and as quickly we provide services to our service users.

Continuous Improvement

Continuously improving our service based on self-review, feedback from service users,  benchmarking and collaboration with partners.


Obtaining the maximum value from our facilities, income, budgets and systems to ensure our service is sustanable.


Strengthening and developing our  relationships with colleagues by selling the features and benefits of the service

Content Management

Making content accessible and effective to improve engagement and provide efficiencies leading to reduced administrative burden on staff.

Service Leadership

Developing a culture that empowers us all to become leaders in taking the service forward.

Service Values

Student Centred

Service Driven

Teamwork and Collaboration

Reliable, Responsive and Accurate

Friendly and Helpful

Excellence and Professionalism