Service Level Agreement

The objectives of the Service Level Agreement are to help ensure that departments provide the best levels of support possible within the resources available, for the Institution's key activities of Research and Teaching and to provide additional opportunity for enhancing the understanding between provider departments and user departments about the services provided.

Location of Service

SSiD is located in the Students' Union building and is part of the Student Support and Wellbeing section in Student Services. The service is made up of three teams: Student Enquiries, Student Communications and Office and Systems Management.

Client Groups/Eligibility for Services

Individuals and organisations requiring access to general student related information. This includes current students and their supporter, past students requiring proof of former study at Sheffield and third parties wishing to verify qualifications and attendance of current and past students.

Description of Service

A "one-stop shop" for student services and information which aims to meet the needs of students by:

  • Developing an ever closer dialogue with students.
  • Answering the majority of student related general enquiries first time, every time.
  • Providing physical and virtual facilities that enhance the student experience.
  • Providing an exemplary front-line student support request handling service.
  • Providing confirmation and verification of student status.
  • Challenging ourselves and others to enhance our service to students.
  • Providing informed enquiry referrals to the right place, every time.
  • Providing support to those who influence and serve our students.
  • Being a central point for collecting and returning student related documentation.

Provider Responsibility

  1. To ensure that SSiD holds information required to answer the majority of foreseeable enquiries from service users.
  2. To refer enquiries which it cannot satisfy to an alternative source of information in the University, the Students Union or elsewhere.
  3. To ensure the student web presence is managed.
  4. To handle support requests from students and signpost to the appropriate information source or service.
  5. To provide all standard personal documents for students which can be produced from the student record
  6. To provide all standard forms and literature relating to Student Services.
  7. To issue and replace student UCards and collect the appropriate fee.
  8. To mark approved calculators and to confirm permission for international students to use dictionaries in examinations.
  9. To respond to requests from external organisations (such as employment agencies and other HEIs) for confirmation of qualifications awarded and conferred.
  10. To amend personal information on the student record.
  11. To confirm student status details on third party documentation.
  12. To maintain and develop distributed applications supported by SSiD e.g. Ask Sheffield, webGRACE, etc.

User Responsibility

To seek and provide information as required in accordance with the Student Services Department’s Customer Care Policy.

Availability of Service

0900-1700 Monday-Friday, except when the Union Building is closed.
(0830-1700 during examination periods; 1000-1600 Intro Weekend)
24/7 via the website and online services

Service Statistics

  1. Footfall is measured by customer counter system (UniCom)
  2. Log of enquiries and document requests from student and nonstudent service users webGRACE
  3. Monthly log of telephone calls and emails received.
  4. Monthly count of Ask Sheffield usage
  5. Monthly count of emails received to generic accounts
  6. Monthly website usage statistics using Google Analytics
  7. Contribution to Student Services Department Annual Report.

Service Measures

  1. Deal with cases regarded as urgent (as defined by SSiD) including Critical Support within 24 hours wherever possible.
  2. Provide initial response to written correspondence within five working days.
  3. Answer telephone calls as soon as possible, using voicemail only when otherwise engaged tone or outside office hours. Respond to messages within one working day.
  4. Investigate and respond appropriately to complaints within University guidelines.
  5. 80% of documents produced by SSiD on same day request.
  6. 85% of email requests responded to in two working days.
  7. Review SSiD publications at least annually.


Co-operation of client groups in making information available and to notify SSiD of changes of practice and correspondence that may have impact on SSiD

Feedback and Monitoring

  • Annual Student Satisfaction Survey
  • Daily Counter Enquiry Survey
  • Counter Feedback Form: “How Did We Do Today?”
  • Online Feedback Form (General Comments)
  • Monthly Feedback Review Meeting
  • Occasional focus groups to clarify student need on selected topics.
  • Occasional online surveys
  • Social Media e.g. Twitter, Facebook


Comparisons of methods are made via networking involving AUA, ARC, AMoSSHE and mailbase lists such as admin-student, ONE-STOP-SHOPS@JISCMAIL.AC.UK, etc.

This revision: March 2016
Last revision: January 2014