Student Support Services Central Content Team

The Content Management Support Team acts as the central content team for Student Support Services.

 James Bollington: Content Operations Management

JamesManaging the the content operations of the Content Team by:

  1. Leading with a user-centred design approach to improve student experiences through improving the quality of content.
  2. Supporting stakeholders by translating business needs and ideas into a range of deliverables to meet user needs.
  3. Liaising with Content Editor across the department to improve
  4. Facilitating UX workshops and collaborative discovery and design sessions with staff and students
  5. Overseeing evaluation exercises including Content Audits, Usability testing, etc.
  6. Presenting findings of Content Audit reports, Usability Testing reports and discover exercises to stakeholders across the department.


James Bollington: Web Developer

Support the content team by deploying digital technologies such as HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS, Python and JavaScript as part of public facing web sites, Intranet and in standalone static/dynamic sites and applications.

  • Develop and build and manage a suite of high quality web solutions
  • Make recommendations and develop multi--platform mobile applications that meet the needs of platform mobile applications that meet the needs of our stakeholders.
  • Identify areas where improvements can be made for the department by being vigilant on changing trends in website and applications developments and make recommendations for future developments.
  • Support colleagues across the department as they develop websites and mobile platforms.

Vacancy: Customer Experience Designer

Supporting the customer insight needs of the team across a range of communications channels to make them more appropriate, relevant and connected

  1. Discovering, documenting and sharing customer insights to identify opportunities to improve omni-channel customer experience
  2. Using, customer research proactively to identify, and scope customer experience improvements
  3. Articulating design decisions that meet customer needs and business objectives
  4. Design customer journeys, create service blueprints, conduct research, facilitate ideation workshops, prototype, test and learn
  5. Creating a number of deliverables such as wire frames, prototypes, personas, user stories, wire flows, reports to communicate scenarios, end-to-end experiences, interaction models and screen designs to stakeholders

Bryony Vince: Content Designer

Supporting the content design and copywriting needs of the team by:

  1. Designing content that is relevant, appropriate and connected for web / print
  2. Write and edit copy to ensure it is relevant for the web / print
  3. Liaising with Subject Matter Experts when reviewing existing digital and print content,
  4. Identifying the main tasks readers want to achieve and write in a way that helps them reach their objectives
  5. Using the University’s content management software (CMS) to add, edit and remove content.
  6. Assisting with presentations to stakeholders and facilitating workshops
  7. Assisting with project scoping and creating clear briefs
  8. Develop and deliver training related to managing and maintain web copy

Ruth O'Sullivan : Content Moderator

Supporting the content moderation needs of the team by carrying out checks of existing content to ensure it is accessible, accurate and up to date:

  1. Liaise with Content Owners to ensure the content inventory is accurate and up to date
  2. Ensure all published content follows best practice rules in terms of formatting, writing, accessibility, branding, style guides and data protection.
  3. Archive and retire content where appropriate.
  4. Contact CMS editors/updaters to request changes to pages they are responsible for.
  5. Monitor Student Support Services content hosted on other department websites, to ensure that it is accurate and up to date, and liaise with colleagues where improvements are required.
  6. Edit content based on routine audit findings and recommendations.
  7. Track broken links, investigate why they are not working and set up redirects.
  8. Update different types of content, including words, images and video on the websites.
  9. Find and optimise images and icons to support page design.

: Content Analyst

Supporting the content research and analysis needs of the team by:

  1. Analysing web data from multiple sources (e.g. Google Analytics) to provide actionable insight.
  2. Collecting, collating and interpreting web related data into clear meaningful information  to inform improvements across our digital presence.
  3. Providing insight into our website performance (page views, conversions, bounce rates, etc.).
  4. Conducting content audits, competitor analysis, benchmarking exercises and surveys to required standards and guidelines and report back results to stakeholders.
  5. Providing monthly analyses and commentary on website performance and user behaviour, and integrate these into dashboards and reports where appropriate.
  6. Analysing the content of the using the University’s Content Management System (CMS).
  7. Supporting the team with their data requests as well as producing, and presenting engaging reports and dashboards.
  8. Assisting the team by supporting card sorting, market testing, user story and other user research exercises


 Lynn Treslove: Print Coordinator

Lynn TresloveSupporting the print content coordination needs of the team by:

  1. Reviewing print content to ensure it is in line with the departments Print Style Guide
  2. Reviewing print content to ensure it adheres to University visual identity guidelines
  3. Liaising with the Print Design team and the Student Communications team and negotiating prices with designers and printers
  4. Supporting the Service Head with developing print content policies and procedures
  5. Conduct value for money exercises and print content audits and reviews
  6. Act as secretary to the Content Management Group


Scott Castle: Head of Content

Scott Thumbnail

Support the team by leading on content strategy, planning and governance:

  1. Improving student and staff experience by making our digital and non-digital content relevant, appropriate and connected.
  2. Lead the central Content Team based in SSiD
  3. Reporting to the Service Heads of Student Support Services
  4. Chairing the Content Management Group
  5. Acting as the main liaison point with the wider University body
  6. Developing robust content policies and procedures.
  7. Ensure all services are highly visible, accessible, of high quality and available in an appropriate way to all students and staff through collaboration with relevant staff.