Service Offer to Staff: "Not Just For Students"

The Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) is an information service that communicates general student related messages and aims to answer the majority of enquiries from students.

But we are not here just for students - we provide information and services to their supporters including: staff, parents, visitors, employers and other third parties.

How We Can Help

Collection Point / Post Box

Students and staff can collect a range of student related forms, letters and leaflets from our walk-in centre.

  • We can hand out your letters, forms, information packs and other materials to students and others.
  • We can act as a central, convenient post box for colleagues across the University. We can receive forms, letters, completed applications and other materials from students and their supporters on your behalf.

Enquiry Management

We are an information service for general student related issues. In collaboration with colleagues, we aim to answer the majority of face to face student related enquiries from a single location.

  • We can answer general enquiries that would usually come to your reception desk.
  • We can provide gatekeeping for specific enquiries and requests that you do not want to come to your reception desk e.g. because you have already told the student what they should do.
  • We can signpost specific enquiries to relevant information sources as determined by you.
  • We can efficiently refer enquiries and requests that you need to be made aware of and handle.
  • We can redirect enquiries and that could mistakenly come to you.

Information Shop

Over 100,000 people visit the walk-in centre each year. We can display your leaflets, posters or plasma screen slides to help get your messages across.  


It may help you to reduce the number of enquiries you receive from students if you include some relevant information about SSiD and Ask Sheffield in your publications and on your website.


We can make tailored presentations to your team to explain what we can offer to you and your students.

Sharing Good Practice

We are happy to share our experiences in areas we have developed expertise:

  • Customer Service in a Student Context
  • Managing Service Feedback from Students
  • Web Maintenance and Management

Support Enquiry Management

We can provide a gatekeeping and signposting service for support enquiries and requests ensuring that students are directed appropriate to the relevant information source, self-help resource or service.

Supporting Open Days

We provide our one-stop-shop service at post offer open day to help filter general student related enquiries and introduce SSiD to prospective students.

Student Status Confirmation and Verification Service

We provide a student status confirmation and verification service for official documents for past and present students using delegated authority from the University Secretary.

  • Current students: Certificate of Student Status, Council Tax Exemption, Invitation to Graduation letters, etc.
  • Graduates: Transcripts of Qualification, Letter Confirming Attendance and Qualifications, Certified Copies of Degree Certificates, etc.
  • Third Parties: Employers, Embassies, Banks, Police, etc.

Visits to departments

Every September we visit various reception points that current students may go to during the year. We do this in order to refresh printed material stocks and catch up with reception staff with who we share the challenge of effectively managing student enquiries and requests.

Work Shadowing

We offer two hour sessions where you can see the range of services we provide to students and their supporters.

Find out more about how we can help at:

by Scott Castle
15 November 2012
updated 22 September 2017