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General Enquiries

Student enquiries Student Email Service ext 21299
Staff enquiries ext. 29866
Parents, visitors ext. 21299
Head of Student Information and Content (SSiD) Scott Castle ext. 21299

Student Enquiries Team

Student Enquiries Manager Josh Armstrong ext. 29678
Student Enquiries Officer Mike Cawley ext. 29678
Student Enquiries Officer Eleanor Harby ext. 21276
Student Enquiries and Projects Officer Julie Hurst ext. 21276
Information Assistant Lindsey Bates ext. 29866
Information Assistant Tom Wright ext. 29866
Information Assistant Liz Dixon ext. 29866
Information Assistant Theo Minards ext. 29866

Office and Systems Team

Office and Systems Manager Lynn Treslove ext. 21328
Administration Assistant (maternity Leave) Stephanie Cosgrove ext. 29633
Administration Assistant Paul Crawley ext. 29633

Content Management Support Team

Content Operations James Bolington ext. 29633
Web Developer James Bollington ext. 29633
Customer Experience Designer Vacancy ext. 29633
Content Designer Bryony Vince ext. 29633
Content Moderator Ruth O'Sullivan ext. 29633
Content Analyst Greg Rowland ext. 29633
Print Coordination Lynn Treslove ext.  21328
Head of Student Information and Content  Scott Castle ext. 29633