Work shadowing at SSiD

You can book a work shadowing session at SSiD to learn how our service operates.

About work shadowing

Our work shadowing programme provides an opportunity for you to meet our team, find out how we operate and understand the services we offer to students, staff, graduates and third parties.

You’ll learn about the operations of our front desk, contact centre and back office.

It also allows us to understand your team and how they may interact with our work.

We welcome all colleagues from across the University.

What to expect

At the session, we’ll show you how we:

  • Signpost and refer students to relevant services or departments
  • Provide information and guidance on a wide range of student issues
  • Handle enquiries via telephone, email and on the front desk
  • Produce various documents for students, graduates and third parties
  • Oversee current student-facing web and print content
  • Use webGRACE, our enquiry handling system

Each session will last two hours and can be tailored if you're interested in particular aspects of our services.

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What our colleagues thought

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To view our work shadowing statistics such as how many visits we receive per department, visit the page below:

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