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Inclusive Assessments for Disabled Students

The aim of this session is to develop a greater understanding of the thinking behind inclusive assessment.

Designing inclusive assessments allows disabled students to demonstrate their ability and reduces the need for ad hoc adjustments at a later stage. Participants can discuss potential barriers in standard assessments and discuss the 'reasonableness' of adjustments to assessments.

"In fulfilling their anticipatory duty, institutions should ensure that their assessment strategies and methods are sufficiently flexible to give all students an opportunity to meet the objectives of their programmes of study. There may be more than one way of demonstrating the attainment of a learning outcome and the various possibilities should have been considered in the process of programme design." QAA Code of Practice 2010

Format: Talk and discussion

Audience: Academic and support staff; specifically those involvedin assessments for disabled students e.g. exams, assignments, practical exams.

Length: 2 hours


  • Tuesday 15 December 2020 2.00-4.00pm

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