Identifying and Reducing Maths & Statistics Anxiety

Maths anxiety is an irrational fear of numbers which stops the brain being able to process maths. It has been defined as ‘feelings of tension and anxiety that interfere with the manipulation of numbers and the solving of ordinary life and academic situations’ Richardson and Suinn (1972).

The latest research considers maths anxiety a specific learning disability because of how it impairs people’s ability to acquire mathematics skills. Namely, current neuroscience shows that maths anxiety has measurable effects on brain function, namely activating pain regions, interfering with working memory, and affecting focus and concentration.

The session will commence with a discussion of what anxiety is, drawing on past experiences. It will then consider the causes and effects of maths anxiety, and will provide strategies for overcoming maths anxiety and advice for signposting students with maths anxiety.

By the end of this session attendees will:
• Understand and recognise maths anxiety
• Have strategies they can use with students
• Be able to signpost students to appropriate services

Format: Workshop

Audience: All staff in academic departments whose role includes teaching and/or supporting students.
Student services staff who support students, such as mentors, one to one tutors, etc

Length: 1 hour


  •   Thursday 17 October 2019 2.30-4.00pm
  •   Thursday 5 March 2020 10.30-12noon

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