All you Need to Know about the GradIntelligence System

Formerly "All you Need to Know about the Sheffield Authorised Records (ShARe) System" until March 2021.

This session will explain the purpose of the GradIntelligence system, and demonstrate how it can be used by students to share official HEARs/electronic transcripts with third parties, e.g. employers, other institutions, education verification services.

The session will enable colleagues to understand:

  • How taught students can use GradIntelligence to access and share their electronic transcripts/HEARs
  • The timing of document issuing for different student types
  • The difference between HEARs that are accessible to students via MUSE/staff via CIES, and the HEARs that are issued via GradIntelligence
  • What students should do if they need an official hard copy of a document, e.g. for regulatory purposes
  • What key messages they can help to publicise to improve GradIntelligence awareness
  • The different administrative functions within the GradIntelligence system, how these are used, and by whom

Format: Presentation with demonstrations and discussion opportunities

Audience: All staff in student-support roles and any member of staff with an interest in HEAR/transcript issuing

Length: 45 minutes