Meeting Dates for the Student Support Committee

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30 January 2018 (first meeting of the SSC)

Summary of business covered by the Student Support Committee – 30 January 2018

  • This was the first meeting of the newly formed Student Support Committee. Brendan Stone (chair) welcomed everyone and introductions were made.
  • The draft Terms of Reference were discussed and suggestions made. Revised draft ToR to go to the L&T Committee for information.
  • Susan Bridgeford (Director of Student Support Services) gave a presentation on Student Support Services, made up of six teams.
  • Ela Nutu-Hall (Residence Life Manager) presented a report on Residence Life and latest highlights.
  • An update was provided on the Student Mental Health Strategy.
  • The draft Assistance Dogs Policy was discussed and supported by members. Agreed this to go to the ED&I Committee and H&S governance committees.
  • A verbal update on the SU review into Extenuating Circumstances was provided. As part of the review, SU officers have spoken with students and departments. Kieran Maxwell to set up a project group to take this work forward.
  • Supporting the Supporters conference to take place on 10 April.
  • Reminder about the Supporting our Students mandatory online training.
19 June 2018

Summary of business covered by the Student Support Committee – 19 June 2018 

  • The Terms of Reference were agreed. Final version to go to the L&T Committee.
  • Annual reports in to the SSC were discussed. Agreed a small group to be convened to agree a template.
  • Audrey Leadley (Head of Student Support & Guidance) presented a report on combatting sexual violence on campus and clarified the process for reporting serious incidents.
  • Susan Bridgeford (Director of Student Support Services) presented a report on Student Support Services and latest highlights.
  • Ela Nutu-Hall (Residence Life Manager) presented a report on Residence Life and latest highlights, statistics and data.
  • Julian Crockford (Widening Participation R&E Manager) attended the meeting to present a report on the WPREU student led research project on ‘support at TUoS for students with SpLD, mental health and/or autism spectrum conditions’. Discussion followed and some follow up actions agreed.
  • Neil MacKenzie (SU Head of Student Advice and Representation) presented a report on extenuating circumstances on behalf of the SU President Kieran Maxwell. Discussion followed regarding the proposal to establish a Task and Finish Group. Further discussions to be held outside of the meeting.
  • Other ‘discussion items’ covered were: Industrial Action follow up - Student Support Services (SSS) reflections and support provided to students; support services information in the form of Intro Week slides for academic departments – what would be useful to include; arrangements regarding personal tutors for Erasmus and Study Abroad students.
  • The revised Student Support Strategy was discussed and supported by members, subject to some minor changes. Agreed this to then go to the L&T Committee and to Senate for final approval.
  • Members asked to raise awareness of the student code of conduct across departments on the website under ‘our commitment’.
15 October 2018

Summary of business covered by the Student Support Committee – 15 October 2018

  • Draft Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy for Students discussed and supported by members, subject to a minor change. Agreed this to then go to the L&T Committee and to the E,D&I Committe.
  • Discussion about Personal Tutors for Erasmus and Study Abroad students and the issues associated with recording on CIES. Meeting to be held with Student Administration Service.
  • SSC noted that the Sheffield Student Health & Wellbeing Partnership Board is now being hosted by TUoS. To meet quarterly and membership drawn from across the city.
  • Paper received on the role of Disability Liaison Officers and agreed that further discussions are needed regarding Learning Support Plans and standardising practice.
  • Paper received highlighting information available to students in each department on Extenuating Circumstances, from the website. SSC agreed further work needed to provide a more consistent approach across departments.
  • Paper received proposing that the Deputy Vice-President for Education adjudicates in (rare) cases where the Disability & Dyslexia Support Service and a department are unable to agree on a reasonable adjustment for a student. SSC agreed further information to be included in the proposal paper.
  • Update report presented from Student Access to Mental Health Support (SAMHS). SSC noted in particular the difficulties in relation to premises, with University Counselling Service currently operating over two sites which is operationally challenging.
  • Annual reports presented from (1) Residence Life (2) Student Advice Centre (3) Research Services (4) Student Support Services (5) Supporting the Supporters staff development programme.
  • SSC noted the OfS Challenge Fund for student mental health and that Student Support Services are leading on a bid.
21 January 2019

Summary of business covered by the Student Support Committee – 21 January 2019

  • SSC noted that the Personal Tutors for Erasmus and Study Abroad students recording issue raised at the previous meeting is being looked at as part of the Student Lifecycle Project curriculum work stream.
  • Presentation received from Stephen Thompson (Corporate Communications) and Scott Castle (Student Services Information Desk) on the University website project and Student Support Services website information.
  • Paper received on work relating to the capture, recording and use of student names and gender related data.
  • Verbal update provided on developments with regards to work around Learning Support Plans, inclusive practice and adjudication on reasonable adjustments.
  • Paper received on the Extenuating Circumstances process, responding to discussion at the previous meeting. SSC agreed that a Task and Finish Group be established.
  • Verbal update on the joint bid with Sheffield Hallam University to the Office for Students challenge competition: student mental health.
  • Update reports presented from (1) Student Access to Mental Health Support (SAMHS) (2) Student Support Services (3) Residence Life.
  • Annual report presented from Security Services.

Forthcoming meetings

10 June 2019

Meeting preparation

Agenda and papers

  • All agenda items and papers should be received by the secretary at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting date.
  • The draft agenda will be sent to the Chair for approval 2 weeks before the meeting date.
  • The final agenda and papers will be circulated to members 1 week prior to the meeting.

Members and attendance

  • Committee members are expected to have read papers prior to the meeting and to consult colleagues where appropriate in terms of feeding in to discussions at the meeting.
  • Members are expected to attend unless they have sent their apologies. If unable to attend, they should ask another representative to attend in their place.

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