Academic integrity, teaching students
Academic skills, embedding
Academic writing
Academic representation
Alternative assessment (Covid 19)
Alternative assessment during Covid 19: Unfair means guidance
Assessment and feedback, essentials
Assessment literacy
Assessment support for disabled students (C-19 guidance)
Assessment, choosing, changing and planning methods of
Assessment, importance of good


Blog (the Elevate blog)
Building an online community (C-19 guidance)


Choosing appropriate learning activities (C-19 guidance)
Communications with students (C-19 guidance)
Communities of Practice
Conference, Learning & Teaching
Contact Us
Course information, providing effective
Covid 19 support and guidance
Critical thinking
Curriculum design, essentials
Curriculum planning retreats
Curriculum review, doing a


Decolonising the curriculum
Decolonising the curriculum toolkit
Digital learning, essentials

Digital learning
Digital learning support during Covid-19
Directory of Good Practice
Dual and interdisciplinary programmes


Education for sustainable development
Employability, embedding in curriculum design
Engaging students in their learning
Essential Guides to Learning & Teaching
Events (includes LTPRS Workshops, STA Workshops)


Feedback methods
Feedback, literacy
Feedback, principles of
Feedback, providing on assessments
Fieldwork, planning alternatives
Fieldwork, digital tools to support alternatives


Good practice in moving to digital teaching.(C-19 guidance)
Group tutorials (run by personal tutors)
Group work


Higher Education Academy (HEA) recognition
Hybrid teaching, managing teaching for students in different locations


Inclusivity, essentials
Inductions and transitions (see also Transition and induction online (C-19 guidance))


L&T in the socially-distanced classroom (C-19 guidance)
L&T Terminology: TuOS agreed definitions (C-19 guidance)
Learning outcomes and aims, writing

Managing group work (C-19 guidance)
Managing teaching for students in different locations - hybrid teaching
MEd Teaching & Learning in Higher Education
Monitoring your students’ learning (C-19 guidance)

National Teaching Fellows
Networks and Collaboration

Online Learning & Teaching Guidance
One to one support and advice

Personal Tutor, role of
Priorities, Learning & Teaching
Programme Level Approach 
Prompt questions for departments to support planning for programme delivery and student support (C-19 guidance)


Quick guide to digital teaching (C-19 guidance)


Recording taught sessions


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Senate Awards
Sheffield Teaching Assistant
Student engagement, introduction to
Student/Staff Committees, Managing
Student Voice (C-19 guidance)
Support for Departments
Supporting students' academic journey, essentials
Sustainable development, education for


Teaching online, quick guide (C-19 guidance)
Teaching online, next steps (C-19 guidance)
Teaching Practice Dialogue Programme
Teaching practice-based subjects: guidance on specific areas
Teaching practice-based subjects: key considerations
Teaching practice, essentials
Teaching politically and culturally sensitive topics: China
Teaching sensitive topics
Terminology, L&T : TuOS agreed definitions. (C-19 guidance)
Tools for planning the student learning journey, examples, templates and (C-19 guidance)
Transition and induction online (C-19 guidance) - see also Inductions and transitions
Twitter (@elevatetuos)


Video of staff and students talking about their experience of digital learning. (C-19 guidance)


Workshops for departments
Who are your learners? (C-19 guidance)