Elevate Advisory Group

The Elevate Advisory Group is made up of staff who teach from across the University as well as professionalBrendan Stone leading a group discussion services staff who run Elevate. The group’s main roles are

  • to advise on the ongoing development of Elevate
  • to ensure that it remains relevant to staff at all stages of their careers
  • to promote Elevate within their own departments and faculties.

The group reports into:

  • Learning and Teaching Strategy Group
  • Learning & Teaching Cabinet
  • Learning and Teaching Committee (when appropriate)

Members meet 3-4 times a year and respond to queries and consultations that come up in between meeting times.

In addition to this group, all staff involved in learning and teaching are welcome to provide feedback on Elevate activities either via a representative from your faculty or directly to elevate@sheffield.ac.uk.

Elevate Advisory Group members

Chair: Brendan Stone, DVP for Education
Secretary: April Dawson, Academic Practice & Skills Development

Amy Jeffries, Academic Practice & Skills Development
Asha Akram, Psychology
Danica Summerlin, History
Farzana Latif, Academic Practice & Skills Development
Fiona Hunter, Animal & Plant Sciences
Gareth Walker, English
Giles Harrington, Languages and Cultures
Janine Kirby, SITraN
Joanne Padmore, Management School
Jolian McHardy, Economics
Julie Simpson, SITraN
Juliet Storey, Academic Practice & Skills Development
Katherine Inskip, Physics & Astronomy
Mick Ashman, Nursing & Midwifery
Nick Williams, Chemistry
Paul Latreille, Management School
Rachel Thorley, Engineering Interdisciplinary Programmes
Robert Howell, Mechanical Engineering
Robert McKay, English
Sarah Moore, Academic Practice & Skills Development
Wendy Miller, AMRC