Sheffield Teaching Assistant

Welcome to the Sheffield Teaching Assistant (STA) programme.

You are part of a community of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) working at the University of Sheffield. The contribution you make to the student experience cannot be underestimated, and is essential in supporting students' learning across every department at every level.

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What support is available?

For many GTAs, teaching is a brand new experience and can be a very daunting prospect. For others, teaching may not be new, but the context of teaching at Sheffield may be different from your previous teaching environments. Whatever your background, we aim to provide support for you in the development of your practice and to put you in touch with other GTAs so that you can discuss challenges and share good practice with your peers.

Professional Development Opportunities for GTAs

Workshops for GTAs

We offer a series of workshops covering different aspects of teaching which run throughout the year, covering the following topics:

  1. Introduction to teaching as a GTA
  2. Teaching Design and Delivery
  3. Active Learning Techniques and Monitoring Understanding
  4. Assessment and Feedback
  5. Learner Diversity: Managing Student Expectations and Transitions
  6. Lecturing
  7. Laboratory demonstrations
  8. Facilitating Seminars
  9. Research Supervision
  10. Foundation Pathway Orientation
  11. Setting Boundaries
  12. Small Group Project facilitation
  13. Peer Teaching

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Tailored individual advice

Our 1:1 Teaching Support Sessions offer an in-depth opportunity to discuss any element of your teaching practice with a teaching specialist.

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Online Resources

Our Learning and Teaching Essentials resources will help you design and deliver your teaching content.

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Recognising and Sharing Practice

Learning and Teaching Professional Recognition Scheme (LTPRS)

We're keen to make sure that the fantastic work you do is recognised.  The Learning and Teaching Professional Recognition Scheme (LTPRS) provides a way for you to document what you do, reflect on your practice and apply for recognition for your teaching practice.

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GTA Forum

The GTA Forum is for Graduate Teaching Assistants across the University. It is an online space, dedicated to conversations about teaching strategies and challenges, and for sharing informal advice, good practice and ideas. It is designed to support and improve your practice and to put you in touch with your peers.

You can use the forum to discuss issues raised in the Sheffield Teaching Assistant (STA) workshops in more depth. Or, if you are unable to attend an STA workshop, the Forum provides an opportunity for you to participate in discussion coming out of the workshops.

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Elevate Blog

The Elevate Blog provides a collaborative space in which to showcase excellence in Learning & Teaching at the University of Sheffield, as well as to support discussion on best practice.

Feature pieces, news, events and resources will be posted to the Blog so that readers can keep up to date with all things Learning & Teaching across the University. Contributions are welcome from all members of staff and students.

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Get in touch

We are always seeking to improve how we support you and welcome your feedback on ways we can do this better. If you have comments or suggestions, please contact us or complete the online feedback form.

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