Assessment and Feedback Essentials: Introduction

1. Types of

2. Marking

3. Fair

4. Giving

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This resource provides essential information about assessment and feedback at The University of Sheffield. It is primarily designed to support those who are new to teaching, new to the University, or those who would like to refresh their knowledge.

The resource is divided into 4 sections:

1. 'Choosing types of assessment is about the differences between types of assessment, and how to choose the most appropriate type for the learning outcomes you want to measure.


2.Constructing marking criteria and rubrics is about the process of marking submitted work in a way that is fair, consistent, and clear to students.


3. Fair assessment is about how you can make sure that every student has the opportunity to do well in assessed tasks, and about the procedures and policies that are in place to ensure that assessment is valid and reliable.


4.Giving feedback is about how you can make sure that the feedback you provide to students is useful, timely and formative.

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First, you might wish to watch this video (captions available), which shows the potential of assessment, from a student perspective:


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