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This resource provides essential information on curriculum design at the University of Sheffield, whether at programme or module/component-level. It is designed primarily for staff who are new to teaching, or new to the University, but may also provide a useful refresher for other teaching staff on the key principles of effective, holistic course design.

The resource is divided into 4 sections:


1. 'Initial planning lays out the key principles behind effective course design, considers the processes for programme and module approval, and presents the key internal and external reference points you'll need to factor in when developing your curriculum.


2.Holistic design and development explains how to write aims and learning outcomes, constructively align your learning outcomes, teaching activity and assessments as part of a programme-level approach (PLA), and considers inclusive course design and use of the virtual learning environment (VLE).


3. Course and module structures is about the specifics of course design - embedding skills development, student and external partnership engagement in curriculum development, and specific advice on structuring modules.


4.Reflecting and evaluating on course design is about the formal policies, procedures and processes involved in reviewing, evaluating and reflecting on your programme or module, as well as more informal approaches and mechanisms you can take.


 An accessible, text-only, version of these pages is also available.

Curriculum Design - Accessible Version

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