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This resource provides essential information about digital learning at the University of Sheffield. It is primarily designed to support those who are new to teaching, or new to the University.

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Leading higher education providers report that learners engage better with the curriculum if digital activities are embedded in their learning and assessment, especially if those activities add to their employability (JISC, 2019).

Digital technologies offer a unique opportunity for you to enhance the student learning experience; from improving existing processes around assessment and feedback to pedagogical enhancements like simulations, virtual reality or video.

This essentials guide resource will introduce the key digital tools supported by The University of Sheffield. The resource is divided into four sections:


1. 'The VLE' explores the University's virtual learning environment: Blackboard. This is where students access course materials, collaborative spaces, electronic assessment, grades and feedback, and a range of tools relating to their studies.


2. 'Electronic Assessment and Feedback' explains the digital tools that students use to submit assessments and how you can use these tools to mark their work and give them feedback.


3. 'Interactive Classrooms' demonstrates how you can create active learning experiences in your lectures and seminars by using interactive classroom software.


4. 'Digital accessibility introduces the concept of digital accessibility and ways that you can ensure your learning and teaching content meets accessibility standards.

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