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Higher Education, and the university environments, are places we trust students will thrive: those who commit to the experience and put in the work have the capacity to be successful. They (and we) understand that the process of completing a degree - whether taught or research - will be challenging and will stretch them. However, for some students the environment does not enable them to achieve their full potential, despite their best efforts.

This Essentials resource offers a selection of prompts, suggestions, and self-assessment activities to help you in integrating inclusive practice into your teaching. To make the most of the toolkit you may find it helpful to download and complete a self-reflection grid. Through using the grid you can score your confidence in each area as a basis for asking yourself what works and what else you may also wish to integrate into your teaching design and practice.

The resource is divided into the following five sections:

1. Academic Community

2. Classroom & Accessibility

4. Assessment

5. Feedback

6. Evaluation & Review

Each offers a brief introduction to the importance of engaging with inclusivity and diversity, a selection of questions for further consideration, and some quick tips to implement. You will also find a selection of links and toolkits produced by other institutions to support your ongoing engagement. They begin with introductory resources before moving to advanced and expert texts for each theme.

 An accessible, text-only, version of these pages is also available.

Inclusivity - Accessible Version

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